Meet the Smiths

Adam Smith is a Kansas boy; more comfortable in oceans of wheat stalks than the liquid kind.  He’s the practical, more responsible parent and also the better dish-washer.  When he’s not too busy impressing his wife, Adam can be found reading or listening to music.   His longtime favorite musician is Sufjan Stevens.  His favorite meal is chicken fried steak and he prefers nutmeg over cinnamon on his French toast.  Adam is currently working on developing his appreciation for wine.  He’s mixing less and less cranberry juice in it all the time!  Game nights with friends are something he’s going to miss while living abroad.

Corrie Smith is a Kansas girl (though she hates to admit it).  She loves being surrounded by trees, which can be quite difficult here.  Corrie is a stay at home Mom, she is the more “care-free” parent, wanting the girls to discover life with a hands-on approach.  Her favorite food is Chinese, and favorite drink is a white chocolate mocha.  Corrie’s interests include: cooking, photography, playing games, gardening, camping, and being out in nature. She will greatly miss being close to family (free babysitting!) and friends, although she’s very excited to leave behind the normal routines of life and set out on another adventure!

Acadia Elise (4 yrs) loves to laugh and have fun.  She is very social and energetic! Acadia loves animals and spending endless hours pretending to be a horse. Some of Acadia’s favorites include: the color pink, playing with Playmobil and stuffed animals, eating pancakes, watching Go Diego Go, and wishing unicorns were real. She also enjoys listening and dancing to music, play dates with friends and being Sabria’s big sister.  Acadia’s days typically involve some time for schooling and/or art projects.  She is very detailed, making her a disciplined student and an expert at coloring.

Sabria Elizabeth (1 yr) stays busy trying to keep up with her older sister.  Sabria is very independent and focused.  Her hobbies include putting things in her mouth and randomly relocating items from the kitchen drawers and cabinets around the house.  Sabria is currently learning words like “hi” and “hot”, and has recently mastered walking/running and climbing up/sliding down the stairs.  Sabria’s prized possession is her white, stuffed teddy bear.  It’s a must-have for all nap and bedtimes and whenever she gets upset it is the thing that calms her down the fastest.  She loves her bear!


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