Location #7: Atherton, England

Moving from Boston Spa to Atherton was the hardest move we have ever had to make.  We left our pretty little village behind to go live in what felt like the slums of England.


In Harrogate we had a wonderful Church community and had become friends with two amazing families who happened to have kids the same ages as ours.  Sabria was in daycare, Acadia had American friends and all the kids she met on the playground spoke English!  We spent three and a half months there, and had made it home.  It was not perfect, our landlord was a bit of a challenge and our appartment was stuffed full of her belongings.  She would pop in to pick up mail and have huge boxes of wine shipped to our appartment for her to pick up.  We wanted to find a place closeby but never found anything in our price range.  After moving to Atherton I was so depressed, I wanted to just go to sleep and wake up when it was time to move again.  I felt trapped in a maze of brick buildings that I could not find my way out of!  I made the trip back to Harrogate and Boston Spa a couple times just to try and revive myself.  And it always helped tremindously. In Yorkshire the roads are lined with rock walls and green hilly pastures full of sheep.  In the Spring baby lambs are prancing everywhere and huge patches of yellow daffidills lined to roads.  Crocus was popping up everywhere.  Spring was so refreshing after a long rainy winter.  But then I had to return to Atherton!  I hated leaving the apartment.  I hated going to the store.  Our first time going out to buy groceries a woman overheard our American accents and started literally laughing in our faces that we were Americans living in Leigh!  The fact that our apartment was in Atherton and not Leigh made no difference, and the fact our stay was only for 6 weeks didn’t matter either.  Stupidity addmitted!   May I please move back to Yorkshire now?!?!


I was amazed how an hour and a half drive could take us into such a different world!


The highlights from living in Atherton were nieghbor friends for Acadia, Trafford Center near Manchester, and our visits to Liverpool and Formby beach.  There is always something we can find to be thankful for, even in Atherton!

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