Location #6: Boston Spa, England

We have been living in Boston Spa, England for a month now, so a blog post is well overdue! Boston Spa is a charming little village of about 4,000 people, located in the region of West Yorkshire.  For our Manhattan friends, I would say it would be similar to a European family touring the USA and landing in Clay Center for a spell.  Sometimes I feel like what we are doing here is at least as absurd!  Although there are plenty of castles scattered around the area which I can’t say that we have in rural Kansas!


A view of our apartment from High Street


Our apartment is on High Street (the main street in town) above a tea room called Dulcie Butterfly.  The entrance to our place is around back, and happens to be conveniently located right next to Brook Babes Nursery.  Sabria attends three half days each week.  She loves it, but unfortunately she has been sick nearly this entire month! One of the ladies at the nursery told me that the children and workers alike are usually sick the first 6 months they are there!  I am not sure how she thought that I would find that consoling!


Sabria’s Nursery

DSC_4402    DSC_4418

In Boston Spa there are several nice restaurants, one of which is called Fifty 50.  We have only eaten there once so far, but loved it!  They have amazing burgers and their chef was a contestant on BBC’s Masterchef.  Also on high street, we have a small grocery store, bakery, library, flower shop, hardware store, gas station, a few Chinese and Thai restaurants and a couple of cafes.  So for being a village Boston Spa has plenty to offer.  There is a river running through town with a nice walking path along it, but it has been quite muddy for going on walks.  The British are all about walking and getting fresh air, so I know that mud is no excuse!  I just need to go out and by us each a pair of galoshes.  There are already a few crocuses popping up along the trail, and any little sign of Spring gets me very excited!

Most days Adam works in Wetherby, which is only about 3 miles away.  There is a library and a coffee shop that he rotates between as needed.  Acadia and I have been doing school together, which is especially nice the days that Sabria is at the nursery!  We have been very blessed to have made friends with a couple of families from the States who have kids the same ages as ours.   Acadia LOVES having friends that speak English!  We have also been attending Hope Church in Harrogate (a town of 75,000, which is about a 20 minute drive from Boston Spa).  Our Sunday’s at Hope have been very refreshing.  The people are extremely welcoming and it is a Bible centered and child-friendly place.  The first week they had the children standing up front dancing with ribbons during the whole worship time!  Every week the kids are up front and have a way to be involved in worship; it is awesome.  Being able to be part of a community is definitely something we value and has been challenging for us to find this last year.

The grocery stores here are very much like the ones back home, very easy to shop in, but most of the produce is imported and there are lots of processed foods.  Visiting the grocery store is still an interesting experience though, despite all of the familiar brands and the fact that everything is in English!  On one particular grocery store run, in the two minutes that it took to check out my groceries, the clerk had called me “my love” or “my darling” more than 5 times! In fact it would be hard to recall a visit to the grocery store where I was not called ‘love’ at least once, although it does sound more like ‘luf’. 😉  When it comes to food, I must say, that I do miss the food, wine and cappuccinos in Italy ever so much!  Although not in that order!  Last night Adam and I officially gave up on wine here.  Most of the wine is imported from Chile, Australia or America, so this is nothing against the UK.  We are just very much coffee and wine people, but it feels like we now have no choice but to become tea and beer people!  At least it is just for a season!


Tea time with Acadia

We have taken a little break from sightseeing since arriving in Boston Spa.  We are taking the winter months to get recharged.  On our way here we spent a week in London and loved it!  We got spoiled by all of the free museums!  We went to a children’s event/workshop at the V&A and Acadia got to hang one of her drawings up in a temporary exhibit at the Museum!  So exciting for a young artist!


A picture of our goofy girls on Sabria’s first day of school

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3 Responses to Location #6: Boston Spa, England

  1. Brian says:

    Nothing really can compare to that blackberry elixir that we brought to Manhattan, can it?

  2. ismith-adam says:

    Why do you think we had to come on this trip to begin with…? All to try and recreate the flavors and fragrance of that magical night you uncorked in that bottle.

  3. Mimi says:

    Love the pic of Acadia drinking tea! She is getting so grown up! Wish I were there!
    So fun to see where you are!

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