Location #3: Split, (Podstrana) Croatia!

To make room in the car for luggage without being sandwiched together again like we were last time, Acadia and I decided to take the train.  It was a 7 hour trip for us and a 5 hour trip for Adam and Sabria by car.  It doesn’t usually take that long, but the weather was cool, windy and rainy.  The crisp air and moodiness of the day was perfect for saying goodbye to Zagreb, reflecting on life, and moving on to the unknown!  Acadia and I enjoyed our day together; just the two of us.  Acadia kept commenting on how nice it was not to have Sabria and Daddy there to bother us, shortly followed by how much she missed Daddy, and how she was sad he was missing out!  It is hard to describe how I felt sitting on that train looking across at Acadia.  She seemed so grown up all of the sudden, and for the first time it hit me, I am living my dream! I am on a train in Europe with my daughter.  Traveling together.  It was so simple just the two of us with our two small bags. With Sabria it has never felt simple, or ever quiet enough to have those kind of thoughts!  Six and a half years ago I was in Croatia as a nanny to a 5 year old boy.  We even took the train together one time.  I could have never imagined then that one day I would be back here with a 5 year old daughter sitting in a train cabin just like the one I was in with him. I love the trains here, no one cares if you pull a window open and stick your head out for a while, you can do whatever you like!  I feel free as a bird with my head out the window of the train and the air rushing over my face.  Acadia loved it too!  We had lots of laughs and made lots of memories.  Even memories of laying across the seats snuggled up together trying to get warm.  The price you pay when you have the windows down too much on a cold rainy day!

On the train with my beautiful daughter!

Adam and Sabria got a few hours head start, so they checked us in and unloaded the car before meeting us at the train station.  We arrived after dark, which I had not anticipated as our train was an hour behind schedule.  But Adam and Sabria called our names from across the tracks just moments after we stepped off the train.  I was quite relieved not to be stranded in the rain at night in an unfamiliar city.

It was exciting to wake up this morning and check out our view for the next month!  The location is perfect!  We are right on the beach and have a beautiful view of the Adriatic from our balcony.


More view


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4 Responses to Location #3: Split, (Podstrana) Croatia!

  1. Mimi says:

    Living your dream! Wow! What a gift!
    You are a wonderful writer! I feel a part of the adventure thru your words! So happy for you! Wish we could be there, too…..for a little while! ; ) Beautiful view! Enjoy!

  2. Summer McClure says:

    Wow what a view!!! Happy to hear your still enjoying the adventure!

  3. Naomi Bennett says:

    Such a marvelous view to wake up to every morning!! How wonderful! I am so glad that you and Acadia had a relaxing train ride… I am so glad you are living your dream!

  4. chbenedick says:

    Thanks! We are enjoying it. So far we have been here four days and have gone swimming multiple times every day! We can’t keep Sabria away from the water!

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