An update on our life in Croatia…

What have we been doing lately? Obviously not blogging! 😉

One of the reasons for coming back to Croatia was because I wanted to show Adam where I lived while we were dating.  Since it was meaningful to me to get to see his life in Turkey, I also wanted him to see a glimpse of mine here in Croatia as well.  During the last month we have made several trips up to Čakovec, the town where I lived in 2007 when I was here as a nanny.  We visited Calvary Chapel, (The Church that I attended) and also got to spend time with lots of my friends.  It has been fun to get to introduce them to Adam and the girls.  I must say, it feels VERY different to be here as a mom with my own car, instead of as a nanny who is trapped in the middle of nowhere!

Seeing old friends


A wonderful weekend with the Levak Family


Samuel and Adam


My Croatian home


Acadia and Rahela


Back on the bikes!


Sandra, Goran, Adam, and me – Eating lunch at Restoran Potri Kotač


Sandra and Acadia


Goran, Sandra, Acadia and me – Čakovec center


Filip (Acadia’s best friend) (My favorite European) and me


Jelena, Marta and me


Vlado (Croatian Grandpa) and Sabria


Jelena and me – Čakovec center


Filip, Adam, Jelena and Dalibor


The whole gang, out on the town!


Hanging with the cool guy


Tea, Snježana and me


Andrijana and me


Pastor Damir with Adam and me


Božica (Damir’s wife) and me

Making new friends

When Acadia finds playmates that speak English, it is the most exciting thing ever for her. We usually overhear tourists on the streets that are speaking English and she asks me if we can tell them where we live or go to a restaurant with them…  I think that she is going to have a million friends when we get back to the States where everyone is speaking her language!  Recently we were very lucky to make friends with a family from the US.  We met the Marshall family at Maksimir park, Antonia heard me speaking English and come over and introduced herself.  We met up again at one of the MANY malls in Zagreb, it was their last day here in Croatia before they flew back to the States and they spent it with us! The kids names are: Maia, Nina, Dominik and Robert.  Everyone had fun playing together, and Acadia loved having playmates she could talk to!

Nina, Acadia and Maia

Nina, Acadia and Maia

The malls here have free play areas for the kids where you can leave them while you shop. So Antonia and I got to have some girl time and go shopping!

Antonia and Me

Antonia and Me

The owner of our apartment are really nice people, we have been enjoying getting to know them.  We are blessed to have such a pleasant place to live while we are here in Zagreb!  Neven and Diana and their sons, Ivan and Tomi have made us feel very at home.  It is really nice that everyone who lives in the building are related to each other, and they have made us feel like family too!  On Acadia’s birthday Diana made a beautiful chocolate cake for her and they brought her a present!  We had only been here a week, and they already knew her, the gift was a pink and purple colored mother and baby unicorn with wings!  She loves it!


Acadia, Diana, Neven, and Ivan


Acadia’s 5th birthday – The party came to us! 🙂

Acadia has also made friends with two neighbor boys, Filip and Gabrijel.  Filip lives in the building next to us, he and Acadia enjoy playing together and he even loaned her a bike to use while we are here!  Acadia loves it and want’s to take it everywhere.  Gabrijel lives in the same building as us and he is Neven’s nephew.  It is great having playmates around without having to leave the yard!  Both boys have been on vacation and just got back, so Acadia was thrilled to have friends to play with tonight!

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