Location #2: Zagreb, Croatia!

We arrived in Zagreb on the 1st of July.  We will be living here in Croatia during the next three months; two months in Zagreb and one month on the Adriatic coast.  We have been getting settled into our new apartment.  It is very nice, I now have an oven, a normal sized fridge/freezer, microwave and dishwasher again!!!  Adam now has a desk to work at and the wifi is fast, so everything should be good!  We also have a great patio, which is a safe place for the girls to play outside.


20140705-172646-62806944.jpgLiving in a city is a totally different feel from living in Woerden! Driving in Zagreb is crazy, there are lots of one way streets, turn lanes that are shared with the tram, and limited parking spots, lots of which are up on a curb.  We are getting a feel for the city but I think it would take a longtime for us to get used to driving here.
Yesterday we spent the evening exploring the city center and upper old town. We stopped at a toy store and ended up buying a stroller for Sabria’s bear, Sabria was instantly VERY attached to it!


The other exciting thing about where we live is that we are right down the street from a huge park and the Zoo! Acadia couldn’t be happier!




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2 Responses to Location #2: Zagreb, Croatia!

  1. Shawn and Family says:

    Sounds and looks like you are all doing well! We enjoy seeing pictures and reading your posts. The girls are adorable as always! Your pictures always look beautiful. We just got a new puppy – her name is June and she’s a 13 week old border collie mix. She’s been a fun addition.

    • chbenedick says:

      Hey! I was just thinking about you. 🙂 We are doing well and really like living abroad. I am hoping to find some time to blog again and upload pictures. Lately life has been busy trying to adjust to our new surroundings. Miss you!

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