Cruisin’ A’dam!

The day after Grace arrived we went back to Amsterdam for a boat trip around the city.  The family who hosted us when we first arrived were taking their boat out for the first time this summer and invited some friends along.  It was a fun group of people and a great way to spend the day!  It was 7 hours of eating, talking and sightseeing from the canals!


Acadia even got a few turns steering the boat! A little scary, but she did well.  I remember thinking the same thing she did the first time I got to steer a boat; holding the steering wheel still, just doesn’t feel much like steering! Gijs was so good with the kids he gave them directions and only cut in to take over at the very last minute! Of course, left and right is still a little confusing to Acadia, so here were a couple times it was better not to watch!


All hands on deck!

All hands on deck!


Gijs was an excellent captain and made sure we had a rich boating experience! Throughout the day we picked up several additional passengers from various points around the city, towed some stranded partiers, and even got help from the fire department getting our own boat’s engine started!


One of the day’s bathroom stops was at a popular island restaurant.  The place was so busy we had to double-park alongside the other docked boats, which meant climbing over and through them in order to reach land.  By the time we were all ready to go, another boat was tied-off to our boat.  Definitely a happening place.


A few more 3-5 point turns though the narrow tunnels, close calls at canal intersections, and lots of great scenery definitely made for a memorable day!








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  1. Sandy says:

    I’m enjoying your pictures and stories, so much! Thanks 😊

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