Everyday life…

We don’t have any new sightseeing outings to post about at the moment. It is the rainy season here in the Netherlands. We have spent our last couple weekends at home playing games and sipping coffee.
For those of you not on Facebook here are some snapshots from last weekend. These pictures are representative of an ordinary day at home in the Netherlands. With a few exciting moments. The exciting part first…

Adam went to Utrecht this morning to register us at the city hall, he got a Citizen Service Number (a kind of SSN) which hopefully will enable us to buy a car here. And has already enabled us to get a bank account and debit card! This is very big for us as our credit cards do not work here due to the lack of chip. We ordered a sapphire chase card and had my dad mail it over because they advertise that it has the much needed chip in the card. Unfortunately that did not work either. Now we can buy train tickets without having to pay with coins, and hopefully we can save money by having less money withdrawal fees!

Adam loves collecting official documents!

Playing Carcassonne.

Playing Carcassonne 4 year old style!

We love the meat stand on Market day!

The best part of our day!

Coffee with our cream!

Adorable girl #1.

Adorable girl #2.>

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