Springtime at Kuekenhof!

The reason that we initially chose to fly into the Netherlands was to see the worlds largest Tulip garden. We arrived at Keukenhof around 11am on Palm Sunday, it was a perfect day to visit the gardens, and apparently everyone else thought so too! Kuekenhof is only open 6 weeks each year. We managed to time our visit when the tulips were at a peak, which happened to be much earlier this year than usual! It was a little chilly out, the sun was quite indecisive that day, constantly back and forth between shining brightly and hiding behind clouds. Which is a little bit of a challenge for a photographer, but the sun was always welcome and it was nice to have pockets of warm weather throughout the day!

At first I was VERY overwhelmed by the crowds of people! Yes, it is just as touristic and crowded as they say! The field we parked in was full of rows of cars and buses, and there was a steady stream of cars coming in behind us getting ushered into their spot on the grass. Thankfully once we had entered, we discovered that the grounds were very extensive and that there was plenty of room for everyone to roam around, see and photograph the flowers to their hearts’ content! I think my average was about two pictures a minute over 8 hours time! Soon I became less overwhelmed by the crowds of people and more overwhelmed by the magnitude of brilliantly colored flowers everywhere I looked! It was way more than I could take in! Each area had different combinations of color, and the flowers were so radiant it was hard to label them as any one specific color. Since it was indescribably beautiful, I think I shall stop describing and post a few of my vast collection of pictures from that day! Sometime during the afternoon I asked Acadia, “Don’t you wish we could stay here forever?” Her exasperated reply was, “I already did!!!” The girls did very well, but it was a long day for them!
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5 Responses to Springtime at Kuekenhof!

  1. Summer McClure says:

    Oh my gosh- WOW. Truly breathtaking!

  2. Grace says:

    Amazing! So gorgeous. I love Acadia’s response, too.

  3. Mimi says:

    Your photos would make a beautiful calendar! Looks like a breathtaking place to spend a day. Ah, imagine Heaven, full of fantastic gardens of radiant flowers of colors, shapes and fragrances beyond description! And the sun stays out all day!

  4. Sheila says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for such beauty. I didn’t realize it but if I click on “show remote content” I can see all of them at once. Until I did I was viewing them one by one. 1. Click on photo number, then a big photo came up, then back to your blog, click on another number (now where was I?….) BUT doing it one by one is by far the best even if it’s longer–pictures are bigger and color for some reason is better. Please don’t take Acadia’s wish to heart–come back someday. We all miss you. Hugs to all.

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