Castle De Haar

So, while I am catching up on blog posts, here are some pictures from our trip out to Castle De Haar! We found the grounds to be a very peaceful place to spend the evening and the Castle is amazing. We mainly just enjoyed the Castle from the outside, we walked down into the basement but did not take a tour.

Excerpt from Wikipedia:
“The current buildings, all built upon the original castle, date from 1892. The oldest historical record of a building at the location of the current castle dates to 1391. In that year, the family De Haar received the castle and the surrounding lands as fiefdom from Hendrik van Woerden.” (Which I thought I should mention since we live in Woerden!)








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2 Responses to Castle De Haar

  1. Summer McClure says:

    ohhhh a moat!

  2. Mimi says:

    Wow! Quite a beautiful setting! You are an amazing photographer!

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