Hunting for Easter Eggs!

Easter is my absolute favorite holiday. Perhaps because Spring is my favorite season. I love seeing everything come to life again, I feel that I come to life again too, after a long winter of enjoying the color brown in all of it’s various shades. Green feels simply glorious!

This is the first Easter ever that I have gotten to have my very own Easter egg hunt! This morning Acadia, Sabria and I hopped on our bike and road across the street through the park to the most perfect location ever for an Easter egg hunt! There was a big willow tree hanging over the canal, lines of fruit trees with lots of soft green grass at the base perfect for hiding eggs, and even some trees had notches or holes to set eggs in. It reminded me of my favorite place to find eggs as a child, hidden in the side of an old cedar tree.


I hid all the eggs while Acadia sat on the bench with her eyes closed.  Acadia was so excited about the hunt that she wanted to pose for a photo with every single egg that she found!  Soon it was my turn to sit on the bench with my eyes closed, while Sabria did who knows what!  Acadia had an equal amount of fun hiding the eggs, although I was not as good at finding them as she was, as my eyes are a little further from the ground…  At least that can be my excuse.  I also forgot to get my picture taken with each egg that I found. We used tupperware instead of colorful baskets, but the chocolate eggs tasted great just the same.


Sabria didn’t get into the idea of hunting eggs yet. Last year she was just a few months old and I was imagining that in a year she would be running around with the rest of the kids collecting eggs! But today, when I pointed out an egg to her, she came running over full speed, squatted down next to it, reached down to get the egg, but came up empty handed. The feel of the grass must have bothered her, so I had to retrieve the egg for her. She was rather good at hiding them though! The green egg that Sabria had found was the one that was ‘hidden’ the longest.  She had dropped it into the bike cargo bag. When the chocolate has been eaten there is no reason to hold onto a plastic egg!





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2 Responses to Hunting for Easter Eggs!

  1. Mimi says:

    So fun! We missed you all at our Easter Egg Hunt! We very much missed at our dinner! But we are very happy for you to be on a fun adventure!

  2. Grace says:

    They both love to pose for the camera!

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