Acadia’s school in Kamerik (just North of Woerden).


Today went better! Adam learned that even though the bus schedule says that the bus stops there, they actually don’t unless you flag them down! Adam took Acadia to school by bus and then I picked her up by bike this afternoon. It’s great finding a school with a parents work out program built in.

Acadia is very social and so by the end of the first day of school she already had a new best friend who has already invited herself over for a playdate! Acadia seems much happier now with social activity in her life again. :). Her teacher, Miss Esther, says that Acadia is doing great. None of the children speak English yet but Miss Esther said Acadia is helping her remember her English.

Miss Esther mentioned today that Acadia would need gym shoes, I asked if she needed gym clothes as well, and her reply was “no, it would be impossible for me to change 26 children, they just go in their underwear. I was expecting her to say they just wear their normal clothes, we are living in a different culture where not everything is what you might expect!

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5 Responses to Acadia’s school in Kamerik (just North of Woerden).

  1. Summer McClure says:

    Huh- so I wonder what age the kids start using Gym clothes and stop running around naked…

  2. Naomi says:

    LOL! That is hilarious! Naked children everywhere! Also, only Acadia could make a new best friend who doesn’t speak the same language; so great. She’ll be speaking Dutch in no time…

  3. chbenedick says:

    Adam said that maybe I should go to gym class, but I don’t think I need to blog a bunch of kids running around in their underwear! 😉 Acadia is convinced that her friend, Sophie, does speak English. So I asked what Sophie says to her. Acadia replied, “When we are playing she asks ‘what is your name?’ over and over. I wish she would stop because she already knows I’m Acadia.”

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