Leiden and Katwijk aan Zee

The Smiths are mobile! We rented a car for the weekend so we could see some of the surrounding area. In about the same amount of time it would take us to get to Topeka, we could be in either The Hague, Rotterdam, or even back in Amsterdam. Even closer is the “town” of Leiden. It has a very charming center of town with canals, cafes, and important buildings.

A couple views from the Burcht.





Other important things:




And along the canals:





Time for a snack:

Mini-fried Sausages…

Sabria’s Stamp of Approval

Courtesy of Acadia, once again.


Leiden also had a really great market scene going on. Here’s a shot of what we picked up. Any guesses on the cost?



It wasn’t all fun and games, though. A 70euro parking ticket is a bit of a downer. The price you pay when we can’t read anything and are never really sure how things work.


From Leiden we continued heading west as far as we could.

Enter Katwijk aan Zee!

I paid for parking this time. 60euro cents for 30 minutes. Hooray for legitimacy! 30 minutes was about all we needed. Philosophy tends to take over when you’re watching waves crash over and over and that’s not fun for anybody.

Why are we here?

Who/What am I?


Actually it was just kind of chilly and windy…

…and some of us had to go to the bathroom.


Finally heading home after our big day

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8 Responses to Leiden and Katwijk aan Zee

  1. Grace says:

    You guys are hilarious. I just want to know how you got a four year old to take a photo that’s in focus.

  2. Mimi says:

    Yeah! !! So much fun! !! Adam you are a great writer! ! Love it! 7 euros on the veggies, bread and cheese???

  3. Mimi says:

    From Rowdy…..This is HILARIOUS!!! That’s easy money on the food. CANALS?!?! Why are there Canals instead of streets???

    • ismith-adam says:

      Rowd: Tell your mom you need to take a field-trip to the Netherlands. I think you’d like it here. You’re right about the food; it’s all real good. And they have both canals and streets here. What they don’t have are many fences. Either there’s a lot of work for your Papa to do here or none. It seems like they use canals instead of fences here to keep the animals contained. Come when you can. Adam

  4. betty richards says:

    I’m loving sharing your adventure! Granma Betsy.

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