Location #1 – Our home in Woerden, Netherlands.

We aren’t homeless.  It turns out not having a lot of apartments to choose from isn’t bad when the one positive response we got was/is such a great one!  We’d never heard of Woerden until we started packing our bags to move here.  It’s a nice town, about the size of Manahttan (wiki Woerden).  Our photographer should be able to supply you with some photos from around town soon.  In the meantime, here’s a tour of our apartment.

Starting in the livingroom…



The livingroom is connected to the dining/school room.



Everyone in Holland has flowers in their windows, including Corrie.


Corrie’s kitchen. She has a stove with a mini-fridge underneath. She doesn’t have an oven and I will have to suffice as a dishwasher.


The view out the kitchen window:



The balcony connected to the living room and it’s view:



The bedrooms are through the living room the other way. First the girls’ room:


Master bedroom and part-time office and view out bedroom window:



Don’t talk to us until we’ve had our morning coffee.


We’re happy to be home! We’re looking forward to staying here through the end of June.

Up next, our weekend out and about in Utrecht.

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3 Responses to Location #1 – Our home in Woerden, Netherlands.

  1. What beautiful surroundings! Your new accommodations are wonderfully light and family-friendly. I agree with the coffee drinker 😉

  2. cheezybri says:

    We hope to follow in your footsteps when we’ve been married as long as you have ;-).

  3. Mimi says:

    What a pleasant place to land!!!! God is zo goed!

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