Response to common questions: Where?

We plan to rent furnished apartments. We want to have lots of freedom and flexibility so at this point only our first 4 nights in Europe are booked. We have booked a room in Heemstede just 20 minutes southwest of Amsterdam.  Hopefully during that time we will find a place in the Netherlands that we can rent for the month of April.

This is a growing list of some of the places we would like to see while we are in Europe:

  • Netherlands
    • Kuekenhof Gardens
    • The Libraries in Amsterdam and Delft
    • Corrie Ten Boom Museum (Haarlem)
    • Amsterdam
    • Delft
    • Leiden
  • Belgium
    • Bruges
    • Ghent
    • Antwerp
    • Mannikan Pis (Brussels)
  • France
    • The Eiffle Tower
    • The Louvre
    • Notre Dame
    • Lake Annecy
    • Alsace region
  • Germany
    • Playmobil Land
    • HK and Mauser factory (Oberndorf am Neckar)
    • Bavaria
    • Wusthof factory (Soligen)
  • Switzerland
    • Lauterbrunnen Valley
    • Bern
  • Czech Republic
    • Prague
    • Cesky Krumlov
  • Italy
    • Lake Como
    • Stressa
    • Cinque Terre
    • Amalfi Coast
    • “The Resurrection” painting by Piero della Francesca (San Sepolcro)
    • Friends in Sciacca, Sicily
  • Austria
    • Hallstatt
    • Millstatt
    • Salzburg
    • Vienna
  • Slovenia
    • Vintgar Gorge
  • Croatia
    • Friends in Cakovec
    • Plitvice Lakes National Park
    • Rovinj
    • Opatia
    • Krka National Park
    • Split
    • Trogir
    • Dubrovnik
  • Ireland
    • Mussenden Temple

Where else should we go?

The places that are crossed out are checked off the list!

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2 Responses to Response to common questions: Where?

  1. cheezybri says:

    Andorra in the summer.
    Skip the Manikkan Pis; it’s hard to see when it’s cold outside…

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