Response to common questions: Why?

Hello friends and family.  Thanks for tuning in to these happenings of ours.  We’re excited to get going on our adventure(s).  We’re excited to see in real-life all the things we’ve been looking at in our library books.  We’re excited to be on the trains and buses whose timetables we’ve been researching on the internet.  And we’re ready for all our talk and plans to become reality.

Before we were even married traveling had already played an important part in the lives of single-Adam and single-Corrie. Between the two of us we have been to Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the South Pacific. It might not really be for us to say, but we tend to think that God made us with a love for new places, people and cultures. In recent history too, “travels” have continued to be at the center of many of our defining moments.  Corrie and I first met while on a work trip to Gulfport, Mississippi after hurricane Katrina.  We have both worked in foreign countries.  We eventually got married…overseas.  Upon returning home as a married couple, we equipped my truck with a topper, put a mattress inside and hit the road for a couple months. We drove all the way to Nova Scotia and back!  

The past few years we’ve had a really good taste of a more settled life as well.  We have been really fortunate; blessed beyond measure.  When Corrie and I are honest with ourselves, though, the steady routine of life is not what either of us are really seeking.  If we could do anything or go anywhere is this what we would pick to be doing and is here where we’d pick to be?  For us, the answer was “No”.  It doesn’t mean that we’re not thankful for the benefits of having an above average job and it doesn’t mean that we think that simply being overseas is the secret to life or that all of the challenges of marriage or child-raising will suddenly disappear once we’re on an airplane.  We just want to see what else might be out there for us, so we’d thought we’d go back to the thing that brought us together as a family in the first place.

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